Tuesday, April 22, 2008

math and science humor

Saw a link off the Comics Curmudgeon for this comic, "xkcd" (described as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language) (i'm in love!), and had to share it. Had to send a link to my desktop for regular updates.

It's been a rough coupla weeks (just started a new job here at The Gaz), but I hope to get back on track here at "in good humor." It's time to pick a couple of new strips for the Comics Test Center in The Gazette. There's been fairly good support for "F Minus" these last few weeks. Moderate support for "Agnes." And increasing support for "Cul de Sac," which could be the sleeper hit here. I mean, how can you not like this?:

Of COURSE that's what the gate is for!

Here's a look at another new fave, "The Argyle Sweater."

I'll ask to see if we can test it, but I think my buddy John at Universal Press is going to say, "Dena, if you like it so much, buy it." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, as we know: My tastes do not necessarily reflect the tastes of Gazette readers.

I've heard from someone who wants to see "Crankshaft" and someone who wants "Piranha Club." A few folks egging me to get other web comics into print.

Send your ideas and I'll start making pitches to the syndicates. Any more votes for "Daddy's Home"??

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Scott Adams nails it

Whoa, that's harsh. But who hasn't been there!? Man, I love that first panel. The look on the guy's face and the coffee splashing out. So simple, so biting. Humor that provokes a nervous laugh in cubicleland.