Thursday, February 08, 2007

New comic

What do you think? This is a fairly new comic, The Argyle Sweater, that was added to in December. There are a few panels out there that we've tested in the last few years, including Speed Bump , Strange Brew and The Flying McCoys. Each had its own fan base, but none seemed to knock readers' socks off.
Anyone thinking differently now? Check out the links and comment below or e-mail me I've laughed out loud at each - always a good sign in my book.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Always funny? Not so much

I commented on this a while ago down below, and it's a topic that continues.

I've had a couple of calls from readers who are unhappy I dropped Red & Rover because it's sweet. I figure we have sweet covered with Family Circus, Rose is Rose and Mutts. We also have lots of family strips. We have a few "snarky" strips. We have a few story strips. We have Lio, which though not to everyone's taste, is one of the most creative strips I've seen in years.

What's missing? What do we have too much of? What's the best comic strip you've seen that we don't run?