Thursday, September 04, 2008

'Peanuts' animator dies

I saw this on the wire last night, but the night deskers didn't get it into The Gazette. (Editing my note: Yes, they did, it just didn't show up on a Web search.)

Bill Melendez, who animated Charles Schultz's wonderful "Peanuts" for TV, voiced Snoopy (think back - remember those overly dramatic acks and howls?) and worked for Disney, died in California at age 91.

Check out this piece in the LA Times, if only to see the wonderful photo of Mr. Melendez. What a character he must have been!

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" has been part of my Christmases my entire life. Someone, probably my mom, even sent me a tape that I played and watched with my friends the Christmases I spent overseas.

Thanks, Mr. Melendez, for decades of fine work. Rest in peace.

I can see the gang around the little tree and Linus standing in the spotlight on stage right now. I feel less riled, too.



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