Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cartoonists of Color hold "draw in"

A group of artists Sunday drew attention to the lack of characters of color in comic strips (or, perhaps more accurately, comic strips that feature characters of color), the lack of cartoonists of color, and the lack of newspapers that run both

The artists took a theme that occurs in real life. The reader who complains comics are too PC or have too many characters of color or contain a word in Spanish.

That's Darrin Bell's Candorville, above.

Maybe we'll toss it in the test center and see what you all think. It reads very "urban," but even though we don't live that, maybe it would be fun to read, like watching a TV show set in Chicago.

See other artists' interpretation of the strip here:

Watch Your Head

Herb and Jamaal

Cafe con Leche

Mama's Boyz


Tim Jackson

You can read more about the event and see info from a Washington Post Writers Group survey of 1,413 daily newspapers, looking at the comics they run in The Daily Cartoonist.


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